The sustainability of an area is heavily reliant on having the right infrastructure in place.

Indy Gateway supports the westside community by continually advocating for all sorts of infrastructure improvements—from expansion of the rapid bus transit Blue Line, advocating for complete streets and bike paths.

Our efforts aim to:

Increase infrastructure connectivity to fuel community and economic development

Support the West Side Strategic Revitalization & Airport TIF Implementation Plan

Improve multi-modal transportation

Support the development of pedestrian and bicycle paths

IndyGo Updates

The Blue Line will provide rapid transit along Washington Street between Cumberland and the airport, replacing and improving the existing Route 8 local service, providing fast, frequent and reliable transit service for its entirety of 24 miles.


Westside Connect

Interested in learning more about how the Blue Line is an investment in the westside of Indianapolis? Follow Westside Connect.


It’s critical for any community to have good quality infrastructure in place, and Indy Gateway has been integral in helping establish that on the west side. It provides the connectivity needed for better community and economic development. Whether it’s being able to add sidewalks, improve roads or extend public transit areas, it all contributes to our economic prosperity.

Jared EvansIndy Gateway Board Member / City County Councilor, District 22