Indy Gateway:

Dedicated to Sustainability of the Community

Indy Gateway was started by a group of people who love the west side of Indy. And that love has compelled them to dedicate themselves to the area’s long-term sustainability. With many of Indy Gateway’s members active in civic leadership, the organization naturally has ties to several organizations that support this tight-knit community.

Our Purpose &
Community Initiatives

Indy Gateway Inc. is dedicated to the stabilization and rejuvenation of the west side of Indianapolis through community and economic development. Specifically, Indy Gateway is focused on five community initiatives:

Affordable Housing

Transforming blighted properties into affordable housing options that revitalize neighborhoods and generate tax revenue for the community


Supporting the development of programs, services and facilities that bolster the livelihood of the community

Quality of life

Making the west side of Indianapolis a place where families want to live, work and play

Economic development

Promoting the area as a great place to set down business roots and find a high-quality workforce


Expanding community partnerships and encouraging businesses to invest in Indy Gateway’s revitalization movement

Indy Gateway: At a Glance

Indy Gateway, Inc. was formed in 2015 by an exploratory committee of the West Side Chamber of Commerce, comprised of community leaders, residents and neighborhood organizations on Indianapolis’ west side.

The organization initially secured start-up funding from organizations that recognized the need for action to improve the west side of Indianapolis.

On September 24, 2015, Indy Gateway was officially approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Indy Gateway completed the West Side Strategic Revitalization Plan in 2018, creating a roadmap to bring investment and direct public dollars toward community and economic development.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are all very engaged in the community and as Indy Gateway moves forward, it continues to increase community involvement as well as its board’s diversity.


Troy Brosseau
President & CEO
Tel Tec Incorporated


Karlee D. Macer
Former State Representative
District 92


Todd M. Cook
Redevelopment Director
Town of Plainfield


Lisa Bentley


Eric Anderson
Director, Properties
Indianapolis International Airport

Tim Brown
Director of Public Policy & Legislative Affairs
Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce

Jeffrey K. Butts
MSD Wayne Township

Richard Cardwell
Head of Innovation & Delivery

Maximillian Coconato
Group Rental Manager, Indiana Operating Group
Enterprise Holdings

Jared Evans
City County Councilor, District 22

Guy Finn
Managing Director, IND Hub Operations
FedEx Express

Richard Joseph
Digital Strategy Lead
Blue Horseshoe

Karlee D. Macer
Former State Representative, District 92

Richard Proctor
Executive Director
Business Ownership Initiative – Indy Chamber

Matthew J. Prusiecki
MSD Decatur Township

Chris Pryor
Sr VP Government and Community Relations
MIBOR REALTOR® Association

Chris Wilkes
Senior Vice President
Holladay Properties Inc.

Caitlin Withers
Community Event Specialist
Indianapolis International Airport

Bart York
Executive Vice President
The Skillman Corporation