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Resources allow us to build the community we all desire—one that enriches lives, creates jobs and generates economic strength.

Those resources come in many forms: people, leadership and partnership. Together, they enable us to mobilize efforts and make a difference in the west side that will sustain the community for many years to come.

Our efforts aim to:

Encourage businesses and organizations to invest financially in Indy Gateway

Advocate for businesses to provide input and perspective on development on the west side

Encourage businesses to be a voice for positive change

Encourage leaders to step up to assist in moving the west side forward

Our Partners


Seeing a decline in housing, in neighborhoods and in businesses compelled me to get involved with Indy Gateway. I care about the success of the area and wanted to find like-minded people and companies who were interested in making an impact. We must continue to reinvest in the west side and need businesses of all sizes to join and provide input and investment.

Troy BrosseauIndy Gateway Board President / President, Tel Tec Inc.

Indy Gateway has experienced success over the past five years because of the people, leadership and partnerships we’ve assembled. It’s really exciting to see a growing vested interest in making the west side a place where people want to live, work and play.

Bart YorkIndy Gateway Past President / Executive VP, The Skillman Group