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Shelton Heights Community Park began with one woman by the name of Debbie Parish who had a dream to rid crime activity in an abandoned trailer park in her neighborhood and transform the property into a park.

Indy Gateway celebrated with the neighborhood all that has been accomplished in this place and thanked everyone who had a hand in building it.

“That is exactly why we are here today. We are here to celebrate and to also say thank you to everyone who joined this effort to bring this beautiful amenity to this neighborhood,” said Indy Gateway Board President Troy Brosseau.

Individuals who spoke at the celebration included Mayor Joe Hogsett, City County Councilor Jared, Shelton Heights Park Board Chairman Debbie Parish, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Vice President of Program Strategy Joe Jarzen, Indy Gateway Executive Director Lisa Bentley, and Indianapolis International Airport Senior Director of Public Affairs Bill Stinson.

Indy Gateway serves as the governing 501 c3 for and is the legal property owner of the park, welcomed volunteers and donors to the place that began in 2017.