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Far West B&O Trail
Since 2016, Indy Gateway has held the Annual Flap Jacks 5K to raise funds to connect the Far West B&O Trail between Hendricks County and Speedway. This has been to provide required matching funds for the purchase of property and acquisition of land between Raceway Road and Tansel Road. Indy Gateway is continuing to raise matching funds to support grant opportunities that will finally connect the B&O portion in Western Marion County to Hendricks County and Speedway, as well as all the way to downtown Indianapolis.

Vandalia Trail
The proposed National Historic Road Heritage Trail uses a combination of greenways to complete its route across Marion County, but approximately six miles of that route lies on the former Vandalia Rail corridor on the west side of Indianapolis. National Road Heritage Trail, Inc. has done preliminary route planning on Indianapolis’ section of the Vandalia, and the route being included in this master plan is consistent with that early route planning. In this plan, the Vandalia route begins near the Hendricks County line and Bridgeport and extends east where it intersects with the Eagle Creek Greenway. In 2019, the White Lick Creek & Vandalia Trail Alliance was formed, and Indy Gateway is partnering with the alliance to support the development of this trail in Marion County between Plainfield and High School Road.