Business Initiatives

While conducting business along the West Washington Street Corridor, it has come to the attention of business leaders that there are many initiatives underway to bring revitalization to this area. Through this personal involvement and desire to know more they found that there is need for businesses on the corridor to be better informed and provide thoughts, ideas and input for these efforts to realize success.

That is why there was a Kick-Off Event on February 21, 2018, for Merchants West, which is a new West Washington Street Merchants Association, designed to serve as a resource of information to learn about the many initiatives along with the extent and timing of these projects. In 2017, the city finalized the West Washington Street Engineering Study and currently in progress is the Westside Strategic Revitalization Plan & TIF Implementation Plan. Furthermore, IndyGo will be conducting a Blue Line Study in 2018 to prepare for expanded bus service including rapid bus transit on West Washington Street.

The West Side Chamber of Commerce, along with Indy Gateway and the organizations responsible for the studies and planning created this resource for businesses on the corridor and within ΒΌ mile of the corridor.

Quarterly meetings will be informational providing more details as to the status and progress of planning, tentative timelines, and formation of Merchants West. To obtain membership information regarding the West Side Chamber of Commerce/Merchants West, please e-mail us.