This project benefits our schools and community in a multitude of ways. A new house on a previously vacant lot will provide a new home for a family and improve the important Drexel Gardens neighborhood and the value of its existing homes.

- Dr. Jeff Butts, Superintendent, Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township


In August 2016, Indy Gateway began the redevelopment of abandoned houses and properties in west side neighborhoods with the goal of taking abandoned properties and turning them into affordable housing opportunities and properties that generate tax revenue for our community.

Indy Gateway’s first house is being built in the Drexel Gardens neighborhood in partnership with the Area 31 Building Trades Vocational Program located at Ben Davis High School. This project will be completed in May 2017 and will be sold to a qualified home owner. The Area 31 program has been in existence since 1973 and is a two teacher program with an average enrollment of 30 students. The curriculum offers students 15 college credits and a Life Time 10 hour OSHA certification. Area 31 uses a combination of classroom instruction, lab practice and live work which includes the construction of a new home in one school year. The program has built numerous homes over its 43 year history. Indy Gateway involved neighborhood leaders of the Drexel Gardens Neighborhood and presented the house plans to residents at a July 30th Community Day and at the August 15th groundbreaking.

Indy Gateway appreciates its many sponsors of this project including Fed Ex, ProBuild, Lowes, and B&W Plumbing. Upon completion and sale of the house, net profits will be used for future housing projects on west side of Indianapolis and operating funds for Indy Gateway. In addition, a private funder has partnered with Indy Gateway to identify other abandoned houses that can be renovated and sold to qualified homeowners.

Project Partners